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Activities on a MG  Thailand Holiday

 Hua Hin Area

Hua Hin City


The popular resort town is the seafood mekka of Thailand. It is particularly popular among Scandinavians for family & golf holidays and it's seen by most as a hybrid town offering a authentic beach feel while at the same time maintaining the comforts of a modern city.  There is always plenty to experience both in groups and by yourself in Hua Hin on a two weeks holiday with us. We incorporate some sightseeing in town before and after our joint dinner experiences (carefully selected high quality local and foreign dining). There is also time after or before the golf rounds to explore the town and its nearby beaches. It's easy and cheap to move around town with a tuk-tuk (taxi)


Notable sights: Cicada Market, Hua Hin Railway Station, Kai Klangwon Royal Palace, Kao Tao Temple, Night Market, Chom Talay Seafood Dining by the Pier, Bluport Mall, and Wat Kao Ta Kiab. 

Nearby Beaches


The Petchaburi and Prachuab Kiri Khan Provinces offers some of the Thai Gulfs most scenic beaches.  In Hua Hin your hotel is located at the city beach, but it's just a short tuk- tuk ride from Kao Ta Kiab Beach, Hat Sai Noi, and Cha-Am beach. In addition to those we offer day trips to Ao Manao, Khao Kalok, Dolphin Bay, and Koh Talu so there are plenty of options to choose from on beach activities. If you want to relax at the ones nearby Hua Hin (the city beach, Kao Ta Kiab or Hat Sai Noi) one can also rent a bike for the day if one wants. Guided Bicycle Sightseeing Tours are also available upon request.​​​​​

Highly Recommended Full Day Activities

*All Trips are booked through 3rd parties and are upon availability

Trip 1:  "The Prachuab Beach Experience"

Kao Kalok  Beach, Popular among locals

Dolphin Bay (Pranburi)

Hat Sai Noi (The best beach close to Hua Hin)

Kao Tao Temple - Excellent viewpoint of the Kao Ta Kiab Area









Trip 2:  "The Inland Experience"

Palau U waterfall 

Elephant Riding 

Hua Hin Winery (Among S.E. Asia most recognized wine crops)

Hin Lek Fai viewpoint (Sunset with the best view of Hua Hin)








Trip 3:  "Beach and Safari Adventure"

Full day trip starting with relaxation at Ao Manao Beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in the Thai Gulf) After lunch we head of for a Safari at the Kui Buri National Park (enterance fee included). You can actually observe wild elephants in their natural habitat! Most days you will encounter quite a lot of theese wonderful creatures, but in the wildlife it's naturally no guarantees.






Trip 4:  "The Remote Island Experience"

Koh Talu is a exclusive private Island located 2,5 hours south of Hua Hin. The island is widely famous for it's crystal clear water and it's one of Thailands best places for diving and snorkeling. The island has the royal turtle protection project and one can  also experience how the locals facilitate for turtle breeding. Snorkeling plus the fresh and delicious seafood buffet on the island included. The rest of the time is free of disposal on the island (f.eks. Cayaking or Trekking) 

(Seasonal - Contact for Price Quotation) 


Trip 5:  "The Jungle Adventure"

Full Day trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park (enterance fee included) located next to the Burmese boarder. This area is well known for it's wildlife, tropical rainforest, and the beautiful Amazone like river. The day trip starts out with a visit to Wat Huay Mongkol (considered to be one of Thailands most sacred temples). After that we head of to the Royal Kaeng Krachan Dam Project and raft down the river before we finish with a Thai style lunch on the riverbed. This trip is usually seen as the highlight of the holiday by most of our customers. 

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