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I want to Book a Lesson 

Our instructors guides you on the path  to improve your game!

What to expect:

  • In a Momentum Golf  lesson we provide premium quality coaching and swing advice all rooted in scientifically proven best practice methods. 

  • We see ourselves as your Personal Trainer in Golf much like a Physical Personal Trainer at a Gym

  • Every lesson starts with a current state analysis, then we find a fix/solution to the challenge at hand. We then set goals together and find  the best path forward

  • You will always receive drills and task. This enable us to break down the problem at hand in smaller parts, before we complete the picture later in the process.

  • Drills, tasks, trackman numbers, and slow motion video makes it easy to measure your progress

  • Momentum Golf Instructors are genuinely interested in assisting you to experience growth in your golf game and we are always happy to assist you at all times. Send us a video, ask us questions, give us feedback, and we promise to come back to you!  


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